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Humanities, School of

Admission Requirements

Admission into this module is a two-step process:

Academic Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including Religious Studies 1031E, Leadership Studies 1031, and 1.0 from Sociology courses at the 1000 level, or permission of the Department.

Additional Requirements

To register in this module, students are required to submit a Community Development Application Form by February 28 (late applications will be considered at the discretion of the program). Because of the community placement requirement of this module, each student who has applied to the program will be interviewed for suitability for admission. Normally, interviews will be completed by March 30, with interviews prioritized by year of each student's program (e.g., students entering 4th year will be interviewed first). Enrolment in this module is limited. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee that students wishing to transfer into this module will be offered enrollment. Priority will be given to students already registered at Brescia.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

1.0 course: Religious Studies 2288E (recommended in Year 2 of the program).
1.5 courses from: Religious Studies 2222F/G, Religious Studies 2236A/B, Religious Studies 3257F/G, the former Religious Studies 2232F/G, the former Religious Studies 3482F/G.
1.5 courses from: Leadership Studies 2232A/B, Leadership Studies 2233A/B, Leadership Studies 3339A/B, Sociology 3335A/B, the former Dimensions of Leadership 2232A/B, the former Dimensions of Leadership 2233A/B, the former Dimensions of Leadership 3339A/B.
2.0 courses: Sociology 2215A/B, Sociology 3330F/G, Sociology 3331F/G, Sociology 3334A/B.