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Don Wright Faculty of Music - Music Program - Bachelor of Music

Admission Requirements

For admission to this program, applicants must demonstrate a performance level of at least a Conservatory Grade X standard in the orchestral instrument, as well as evidence of exceptional performing ability.

Six approved Grade 12U/M credits, including Grade 12U English (ENG4U), one of which may be Grade 12U Music or equivalent Conservatory certificates (Grade IX vocal or instrumental with Grade III theory) or completion of six Grade 12U and/or M level courses including ENG4U.

Recommendation of the Faculty on the basis of audition and interview (evidence of ability to manage the curriculum, usually manifest in at least Grade VIII performing ability). The Faculty contacts each applicant regarding specific audition requirements and dates. Conservatory certificates are not required.

Students not recommended for admission to the Common First Year of BMus/BMusA programs are automatically considered for admission to the first year of the BA (Music) program.

Piano proficiency at the Grade VI level is strongly recommended before entrance. See Music 0914 in the UNDERGRADUATE COURSE INFORMATION section.

Common First Year

Music 0914(if required), Music 1639U, Music 1641U, Music 1649A/B, Music 1651A/B, Music 1710F/G, Music 1750F/G, Music 1920.
Ensemble: One, or more, of: Music 1901, Music 1902, Music 1903, Music 1904, Music 1905, Music 1906, Music 1910, Music 1911, Music 1912, Music 1913.
0.5 course from: Music 1629A/B, Music 1730A/B, Music 1802A/B.
0.5 from any Faculty.
0.5 course from a Faculty other than Music.

*Students who cannot demonstrate competence in theory rudiments, melody writing and elementary harmony will be required to acquire such competence, by taking Music 0601A or through independent study, prior to enroling in Music 1649A/B. Students who can demonstrate an advanced level of competence in harmony may be granted prerequisite standing for Music 1649A/B and may enroll in Music 1651A/B.

Admission Requirements after Year I Music

Completion of Ensemble requirement; Music 1920, Music 1710F/G, Music 1750F/G or the former Music 1711F/G; Music 1649A/B, Music 1651A/B or the former Music 1650A/B, Music 1639U or the former Music 1635A/B, Music 1641U or the former Music 1636A/B, one half-course Music elective, one half-course from any Faculty, one half-course non-Music elective; the recommendation of the department on the basis of a special audition; a weighted average of at least 70%, no mark less than 60% in Music courses, and a passing grade in the non-Music courses.

Admission requirements after Year II Music

Completion of all courses specified for Years I and II of the program (except Music 0914); a cumulative weighted average of at least 70% in Music courses; no mark less than 60% in senior Music courses, a passing grade in each non-Music course; a mark of at least 70% in Music 2920 and permission of the Department on the basis of a special audition.

Module/Program Information

Second Year

Music 2639U or the former Music 2635A/B, Music 2641U or the former Music 2636A/B, Music 2651A/B or the former Music 2649A/B, Music 2671F/G or the former Music 2650A/B, Music 2750F/G or the former Music 2710F/G, or the former Music 2711F/G, Music 2921.
Ensemble: One, or more, of Music 2901, Music 2902, Music 2903, Music 2904, Music 2905, Music 2906, Music 2910, Music 2911, Music 2912, Music 2913.
2.0 courses or equivalent, at least 1.0 of which must be from a Faculty other than Music.

Third Year

Music 3921, Music 3926.
Ensemble: One, or more, of Music 3901, Music 3902, Music 3903, Music 3904, Music 3905, Music 3906, Music 3910, Music 3911, Music 3912, Music 3913.
0.5 music history or theory course in 20th-century music, normally selected from Music 3649A/B, Music 3650A/B, Music 3705A/B, Music 3706A/B, Music 3752A/B, Music 3754A/B, Music 3760A/B, or other courses which in a given year deal substantially with art music since 1900, from an historical or theoretic-analytical perspective, with department permission.
1.5 courses or equivalent from the Faculty of Music.
1.0 course or equivalent from any Faculty.

Fourth Year

Music 4921, Music 4926.
Ensemble: One, or more, of Music 4901, Music 4902, Music 4903, Music 4904, Music 4905, Music 4906, Music 4910, Music 4911, Music 4912, Music 4913.
2.0 courses or equivalent from the Faculty of Music.
1.0 course or equivalent from any Faculty.

Music electives must include 1.0 course or equivalent from Music 2973A, Music 2974B, Music 3976A/B/Y and Music 4976A/B/Y, and must also include Music 2975Y and Music 3975Y, or suitable alternatives approved by the chair of the Department of Music Performance Studies.

Electives in third or fourth year must include 1.0 Music course from a department other than the Department of Music Performance Studies


If a student fails to meet admission requirements, permission to proceed in an Honors Music program may be granted by the Dean on the recommendation of the Department concerned; special conditions on future registration may be imposed.

The basic progression and graduation requirement is completion of the previous year's approved program of study, with a weighted average of at least 70% and no grade less than 60% in Music courses, and a passing grade in each non-Music course.

The continued registration of a student ineligible to progress to the subsequent year of an Honors program will be restricted to courses required to complete the BMusA degree or the three-year BA (Music) degree.