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Don Wright Faculty of Music - Music Program - Certificates and Diplomas

The Certificate in Piano Technology is a one-year certificate program designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to maintain, repair, and tune pianos. The program consists of a set curriculum and schedule, and is designed for full-time attendance only.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission will be required to demonstrate knowledge of music theory, and to successfully complete hearing and manual dexterity tests. Admission is normally considered for the Fall term only.

Module/Program Information


The program consists of a total of 5.0 credits comprising two degree credit half courses and eight certificate credit half courses as follows:

1.0 degree credit course (compulsory) which is comprised of:
0.5 course from the Faculty of Music
0.5 course from any Faculty
(Both courses are selected in consultation with the Faculty's Academic Advisor)

4.0 certificate credit courses:
1.0 course: Piano 6021A and 6022B Piano Tuning I and II
1.0 course: Piano 6031A and 6032B Regulation I and II
1.0 course: Piano 6041A and 6042B Repair, Upgrades and Replacement I and II
1.0 course: Piano 6051A and 6052B Intonation I and II