Academic Calendar - 2018

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2018


Centre for Global Studies

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including at least 0.5 course from Centre for Global Studies 1021F/G, Centre for Global Studies 1022F/G, Centre for Global Studies 1023F/G or the former Centre for Global Studies 1000E with a mark of at least 60%. Anthropology, English, Geography, History, Media, Information and Technoculture, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Women's Studies are recommended as first year courses.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

1.5 courses: CGS 2003F/G, CGS 3005F/G, CGS 3515F/G.
0.5 course from: CGS 2002F/G, CGS 2004F/G.
0.5 course from: CGS 3001F/G, CGS 3006F/G.
1.5 courses from: CGS 3512F/G, CGS 3521F/G, CGS 3522F/G, CGS 3523F/G, CGS 3524F/G.
1.0 courses from: CGS 3000-4999 level.
1.0 courses from: Anthropology 2201F/G, Anthropology 2255E, Anthropology 2284F/G, Anthropology 3305F/G, Chinese 2243F/G, Chinese 3652F/G, Disability Studies 2216A/B, English 2361E, English 2362F/G, English 3884E, Foods and Nutrition 3400A/B, Foods and Nutrition 3450F/G, French 3140B, French 3750F/G-3751F/G, French 3752F/G, Geography 2410A/B, Geography 3411A/B, Geography 3412F/G, Geography 3415A/B, History 2701E, History 2702E, History 2808F/G, Japanese 3650F/G, MIT 2200F/G, MIT 3100F/G, MIT 3225F/G, MIT 3376F/G, MIT 3720F/G, MIT 3935F/G, Philosophy 2556F/G, Philosophy 2630F/G, Philosophy 2810F/G, Philosophy 2812F/G, Philosophy 3880F/G, Political Science 3304F/G, Political Science 3306F/G, Psychology 3710F/G, Psychology 3725F/G, Sociology 2208F/G, Sociology 2270A/B, Sociology 2271A/B, Women's Studies 2205F/G, Women's Studies 2240F/G, Women's Studies 2263F/G, Women's Studies 3350F/G, Writing 2219F/G, the former Anthropology 3266F/G, the former Disability Studies 3310F/G, the former English 2260F/G, the former English 2310E, the former English 3880F/G, the former English 3882F/G, the former Film Studies 2251E, the former Political Science 3389E, the former Visual Arts History 2285, the former Visual Arts History 3385E, the former Visual Arts History 3386F/G, or other courses approved by the Centre for Global Studies.