Academic Calendar - 2018

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2018

English and Cultural Studies - Faculty of Arts and Social Science
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List of Approved English Courses

The courses listed below are for pre-2016 modules. Students requiring special permission to take a course that does not appear on this list should contact the Department Chair.

Group A: English 2692E, English 3114E, the former English 3001, the former English 3012, the former English 3118F/G, the former English 3119F/G.

Group B: English 2301E, English 2302F/G, English 2303F/G, English 2305F/G, English 2306F/G, English 2316F/G, the former English 2304E, the former English 2311E, the former English 2312F/G, the former English 2313F/G, the former English 2314E, the former English 2315F/G.
Note: English 3224E and English 3334E are also accepted for credit in Group B.

Group C: English 2322F/G, English 2323F/G, English 2324E, English 2325F/G, English 2326F/G, English 2331E, English 2332F/G, English 2334E, English 2335F/G, English 2336F/G, the former English 2321E, the former English 2333F/G.
Note:the former English 3444E and the former English 3554E are also accepted for credit in Group C.

Group D: English 2341E, English 2342F/G, English 2343F/G, English 2344E, English 2345F/G, English 2346F/G, English 2354E, English 2356F/G, English 2361E, English 2362F/G, English 2363F/G, the former English 2351E, the former English 2352F/G, the former English 2353F/G,the former English 2355F/G.
Note: English 3664E and English 3774E are also accepted for credit in Group D.

Group E: English 2371E, English 2372F/G, English 2373F/G, English 2375F/G, the former English 2374F/G.
Note: English 2430E or 1.0 other course in Drama is accepted for credit in Group E.