Academic Calendar - 2018

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2018

Environmental Science
Faculty of Science

Western Main Campus


The Faculty of Science,
Western Science Centre,
Room 191


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Suitably qualified graduates (minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0) from either the Environmental Technology or Chemical Laboratory Technology - Science Laboratory diploma programs offered by Fanshawe College may be admitted to Western with a maximum of 9.0 transfer credits, and complete either a three- or four-year degree at Western, choosing specific modules in Environmental Science (which may be combined with additional specific modules in Chemistry).

Western graduates with either a three- or four-year degree, which includes a module in Environmental Science and specific courses, may be admitted to Fanshawe College and complete a diploma, in either Environmental Technology or Science Laboratory Technology, in a period of approximately twelve months. Contact Fanshawe College for details.

Science/BMSc Internship Program

Environmental Science Course List

Environmental Life Sciences Courses

Anthropology 2264F/G, Anthropology 2265F/G, Anthropology 3334F/G;
Biology 2217A/B, Biology 2290F/G, Biology 2471A/B, Biology 2485A/B, Biology 3220Z, Biology 3229F/G, Biology 3403A/B, Biology 3404F/G, Biology 3435F/G, Biology 3436F/G, Biology 3440A/B, Biology 3442F/G, Biology 3445F/G, Biology 3446A/B, Biology 3475A/B, Biology 3484A/B, Biology 3603A/B, Biology 4223F/G, Biology 4230A/B, Biology 4243F/G, Biology 4257Z, Biology 4258Z, Biology 4259F/G, Biology 4405F/G, Biology 4410F/G, Biology 4412F/G, Biology 4420A/B, Biology 4436F/G, Biology 4441F/G, Biology 4608F/G, Biology 4944F/G, the former Biology 2404A, the former Biology 2484A, the former Biology 2486A, the former Biology 3421F;
Earth Sciences 2265A/B, Earth Sciences 3369A/B;
Geography 2131A/B, Geography 2320A/B, Geography 3343A/B, the former Geography 3321A/B;
Pathology 3500 or the former Pathology 3240A, the former Pathology 3245B;
Microbiology and Immunology 3100A, Microbiology and Immunology 3500B, the former Microbiology and Immunology 2100A;
Or a course approved for this category by an Environmental Science counsellor.

Environmental Physical Science Courses

Astronomy 2201A/B, Astronomy 2232F/G;
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 4409A/B;
Chemistry 2213A/B, Chemistry 2272F, Chemistry 3372F/G;
Civil and Environmental Engineering 3328A/B, CEE 3362A/B, CEE 4405A/B, CEE 4465A/B, CEE 4477A/B;
Earth Sciences 2200A/B, Earth Sciences 2220A/B, Earth Sciences 2222A/B, Earth Sciences 2230A/B, Earth Sciences 2232F/G, Earth Sciences 2240F/G, Earth Sciences 3001A/B, Earth Sciences 3320A/B, Earth Sciences 3321A/B, Earth Sciences 3340A/B, Earth Sciences 3341A/B, Earth Sciences 4431A/B, Earth Sciences 4440A/B, the former Earth Sciences 2001F/G;
Geography 2133A/B, Geography 2220A/B, Geography 2230A/B, Geography 2240A/B, Geography 2310A/B, Geography 2330A/B, Geography 3210A/B, Geography 3211A/B, Geography 3221A/B, Geography 3222A/B, Geography 3223A/B, Geography 3231A/B, Geography 3260A/B, Geography 3311A/B, Geography 3312A/B, Geography 3333A/B, Geography 3334A/B, Geography 3341A/B, Geography 3342A/B, Geography 3350A/B, Geography 3352A/B, the former Geography 2122A/B, the former Geography 3331A/B, the former Geography 3351A/B;
Medical Biophysics 3336F/G;
Physics 2070A/B, the former Physics 2700A/B;
Or a course approved for this category by an Environmental Science counsellor.

Environmental Philosophy, Policy and Political Science Courses

Anthropology 2203F/G, Anthropology 2262F/G, Anthropology 3369F/G;
Economics 2170A/B, Economics 2172A/B, Economics 3374A/B;
First Nations Studies 2111E, FNS 2132F/G, FNS 2203F/G, FNS 2218F/G, FNS 2253F/G, FNS 2601F/G, FNS 3140F/G, FNS 3722F/G;
Geography All courses in the 2010-2090 series, the 2151-2162 series, and the 2410-2460 series, Geography 3250A/B, Geography 3432A/B, Geography 3441F/G, Geography 3445F/G, Geography 3453F/G, the former Geography 3451A/B, the former Geography 3452A/B, the former Geography 3459A/B, the former Geography 4430A/B;
History 2123 (additional antirequisite, the former History 3225F/G), History 2211E, History 3217E, History 3407F/G, History 4705E, the former History 3225F/G (additional antirequisite, History 2123);
Political Science 2137, Political Science 2235E, Political Science 3379E;
Philosophy 2033A/B, Philosophy 2035F/G, Philosophy 2355F/G;
Sociology 2151A/B, the former Sociology 2103F/G, the former Sociology 2104F/G, the former Sociology 2107A/B;
Or a course approved for this category by an Environmental Science counsellor.

Note: Students should plan their course selection taking into account prerequisites for senior courses