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Sociology 3307F/G


Mandatory for third-year Sociology students in an Honors Specialization. Students will learn to investigate the social world using content analysis, various methods of observation, and different types of interviewing. Particular attention will be paid to the relationship between epistemology and qualitative research approaches. Students will participate in research practice exercises. Ultimately, students will learn to think critically about sociological research.

Antirequisite(s) at Main campus: Sociology 3310F/G, Sociology 3311F/G, Family Studies 3230A/B. Antirequisite(s) at Brescia campus: Sociology 3310F/G, Sociology 3311F/G.

Prerequisite(s): Enrolment in a Sociology Honors Specialization with a minimum grade of 60% in Sociology 2205A/B and Sociology 2206A/B. If not in an Honors Specialization, a minimum grade of 70% in Sociology 2205A/B and Sociology 2206A/B.

Extra Information: 3 hours.

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY A i  
Subject Code: SOCIOLOG

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