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Additional Courses Without Degree Credit
A student, with the permission of his/her dean, may register in additional courses without degree credit in the following ways:
1. Pass/Fail Graded: Such registration is subject to all the rules and regulations that apply to courses taken for credit toward a degree except that the number/letter grade reported to the Registrar shall be recorded by the Registrar as either pass (P) or fail (F). No courses may be changed from pass/fail to number/letter graded or from number/letter graded to pass/fail after the last date for dropping a course.
2. Audit: Such registration entitles the student to attend classes but does not entitle the student to have assignments evaluated or otherwise make demands on the course instructor. A grade of audit, which implies no credit, shall be recorded by the Registrar on the recommendation of the course instructor. No course may be changed from audit to number/letter graded or pass/fail graded after the last date for adding a course, or from number/letter graded or pass/fail to audit after the last date for dropping a course.

Note: Students who register as Audit shall be so designated on the class lists prepared by the Registrar, but no distinction shall be made between students registered for credit, either as number/letter graded or pass/fail.

Non-Credit Registration: A student who wishes to sit in on a class in a degree-credit course for interest only, may do so with written permission. For on-campus courses, a non-credit registration form is available from Western Continuing Studies. The form must be signed by the course instructor or appropriate Department.

Non-credit registrants do not require admission to the University, no records are kept, and no credit will be granted. There is a fee incurred.

Faculty of Engineering Failed Courses: Policy on Repeating All Components in a Failed Course
Failed courses: Policy on repeating all components of the course
Students who are required to repeat an Engineering course must repeat all components of that course. No special permissions will be granted  enabling the student to retain laboratory, assignment or test marks from prior years. Previously completed assignments and laboratories cannot be resubmitted for grading by the student in subsequent years.

Policy on Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Courses
Undergraduate students who wish to take graduate courses as part of their undergraduate programs must get approval.

Procedure for applying to take a graduate course:
The undergraduate student completes and signs a Special Permission Form and requests approval and signatures from the course instructor and the Dean of the undergraduate student's home Faculty. The request is next considered by the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies. If approved, the Registrar's Office will enter the course on the student record.

Principles in operation to consider these requests:
The undergraduate student must have a strong academic record, preferably with an "A" average in the last 10 full academic courses. Students accepted to take a graduate course must be made aware that  the requirements in a graduate course and the standards expected are significantly higher than those in an undergraduate course. Normally, no more than one full graduate course (or its equivalent) will be permitted
during the undergraduate program. Each request will be assessed on an individual basis.

The graduate course cannot be used as a credit for a program in which the student is not registered, i.e., the course credit is not transferrable if the student subsequently is admitted to a graduate program.

Western eLearn Program

Western’s eLearn Program provides online access to selected degree-credit level university courses for individuals who wish to pursue independent study, but are not interested in obtaining a Western degree, certificate or diploma at the present time. The eLearn Program will provide individuals with the exposure to degree-credit courses and will challenge them to expand and explore their own academic possibilities.

Students participating in Western’s eLearn Program will have the option to apply for admission into First-Entry Degree Credit Programs and obtain transfer credit for the courses taken in the eLearn program if they meet the Admission requirements specified at

Admission to the eLearn Program
Anyone interested in personal enrichment or professional development will be able to enrol in Western’s eLearn program. Students will be registered in Western Continuing Studies and upon completion of a course, will be eligible to request a Record of Academic Studies. While there are no formal entrance requirements, students must meet all entry requirements identified for their intended course of study.

Registration must be submitted via the Western Continuing Studies website by the first day of classes in each session.

Students currently pursuing certificate/diploma or degree level studies at Western will not be permitted to enrol concurrently in the eLearn Program.

Admission into Western First-Entry Degree Credit Programs
Students who have enrolled in Western eLearn courses and who wish to formally be admitted to first-entry degree programs at Western, must successfully complete the equivalent of 3.0 credits through Western eLearn and achieve an overall minimum average of 70% with no less than 60% in each course prior to admission consideration.

A formal application to Western University must be submitted through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) by the appropriate deadline. Admission is subject to the availability of spaces in the program(s) to which admission is being sought.

Applicants whose first language is not English are required to present proof of English proficiency according to Senate policy.

Applicants must fully disclose all previous education and submit associated official transcripts at the time of application to degree credit studies for purposes of admission and transfer credit assessment. Western reserves the right to verify any information provided as part of the application. If any information is determined to be false or misleading, concealed or withheld, or written by a third party, at the absolute discretion of Western, the application may be invalidated and could result in the immediate rejection or revocation of an offer of admission or registration.

Program Structure
Courses within the eLearn Program are offered online only. The current list of courses offered in the Program can be accessed at the Western Continuing Studies website:

Students enrolled in the eLearn Program are expected to fulfil all requirements of the course, as described in the syllabus, and will be evaluated by the same criteria as degree-credit level students. Students will be subject to the Western Continuing Studies’ Policies and Procedures:

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